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Titan is renowned throughout the world's civil engineering and construction industries for providing some of the most innovative and effective solutions for a wide variety of ground engineering, structural stabilisation and earth retention solutions.

The Titan range of hollow self-drilling injection anchors offers excellent versatility in application and, with consultation at early stages of a project, can deliver significant cost and time saving benefits over traditional methods in temporary and permanent works situations.

The Titan self-drilling injection anchor provides the construction and civil engineering industries with a new dimension in structural and geotechnical reinforcement, retention and stabilisation techniques.

Available in a range of sizes and lengths, the anchor can be used in a wide variety of situations to create a rapid and cost-effective solution for anchors, soil nails, piles and rock bolts.

  • Self-drilling, caseless installation
  • Suits all ground conditions
  • Rapid, effective solution

We offer a comprehensive range of self-drilling injection anchors to suit a wide variety of situations in the ground engineering and construction industries:

  • Anchor Piles
  • Soil Nails
  • Micropiles
  • Rock Bolts

Anchor Piles
Titan anchor piles can be used wherever a traditional ground anchor is being considered and provide a rapid, efficient method of installing tie back anchors in a single visit to the drill hole. Installation allows the anchor pile to be simultaneously drilled, installed and grouted, offering benefits in ground improvement, type of machinery and increased productivity on site.

  • Permanent corrosion protection
  • Exceptional production rates
  • No casing required in collapsing ground

Soil Nails
Soil nailing is an efficient, effective and economical method for earth reinforcement which allows a controlled improvement of the stability of the soil. Simultaneous drilling and grouting enables Titan soil nails to maximise the shear value at the grout/ground interface, rapidly creating a loadbearing monolitihic structure and maximising project progress.

  • Excellent installation rates
  • Suit all soil conditions
  • Economic embankment and slope stabilisation

Titan injection micropiles are ideal for use as both compression and tension piles, mini piles and root piles (pali radice) in micropiling situations. Particularly suited to sites where access is difficult or working space is restricted, the micropiles do not require casing and provide an extremely fast and effective solution.

  • The solution for difficult ground conditions
  • Installation in confined spaces
  • Capacity up to 3950kN

Rock Bolts
Titan rock bolts provide a short, low capacity reinforcement comprising a bar grouted into the rock and, if required, tensioned to a predetermined load. Our solution consists of a drill bit attached to a hollow steel tendon, which is simultaneously drilled, installed and grouted, to provide ground improvement, increased productivity and an economic solution.

  • Suits all ground conditions
  • Unlimited service life
  • Self-drilling, caseless installation
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